Folke Rabe:
Jawbone Five /1996/ for trombone and 6 percussionists.

Most of my compositions of the '90:ies have a relation to some other music. My trombone concerto, for instance, is based on the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby", my french horn concerto on "Yoiks" from the tradition of the Lapps in northern Sweden and my trumpet concerto includes quotes from Gustav Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde". This has been a spontaneous act but, thinking it over, I believe that it on one hand is a way to pay respect for music that has meant a lot to me. On the other hand it is a way to indicate my relation to the environment and to the history.

The present work is no exception. "Jawbone Five" is an homage to The Band of 1970. The Band was a very unusual rock group, U.S.A. based but mainly Canadian. They first became known as a group playing behind Bob Dylan but soon they developed their own very special style. Their songs unfold an amazing imagery of American history and popular traditions. The peak in their career is, in my opinion, the record simply titled "The Band" of 1970. One of the musically most exceptional songs in this album is called "Jawbone". My piece is, to some extent, related to this song and towards the end it is exposed openly in an arrangement for trombone and six percussionists. The addendum "Five" is indicating that most of the music is permeated with this number. The work is divided in five parts and five is the most common meter.

Folke Rabe