Folke Rabe: Tintomara for trumpet and trombone /1992/, comment

Tintomara was composed in the autumn of 1992, to be premiered by trombonist Christian Lindberg and the trumpet-player Håkan Hardenberger at the Stockholm New Music Festival in 1993. The title refers to the androgynous main character in Carl Jonas Love Almqvist's novel The Queen's Jewel.

When I was planning this little piece I thought a lot about the concepts of male and female. - The piercing sound and martial fanfares of the trumpet are primarily associated with typically male characteristics, yet its register is the soprano's. The trombone's warm sound and gentle glissandos perhaps evoke maternal associations but its register belongs to the male voice. Not to mention the trombone as a metaphor for male sexuality when Movitz climbed into bed with his trombone! (Movitz is one of the characters in Carl Michael Bellman's songs, set in the taverns of Stockholm in the 18th century.)

Folke Rabe