”All the lonely people...”
Concerto for trombone and chamber orchestra
by Folke Rabe


Indeed you are likely to feel lonely if you are standing alone as the soloist in front of an orchestra. As a matter of fact, Folke Rabe’s trombone concerto ”All the lonely people...” is dealing with loneliness and mobbing. This becomes quite obvious as the piece also has an almost theatrical dimension.

The concerto is written directly for the trombone star Christian Lindberg.

You may find that Folke Rabe’s composition has a kind of familiar sound. In fact, it is based on the old Beatles tune ”Eleanor Rigby”; a sad song about solitude and desolation with the refrain ”All the lonely people...”

The concerto was commissioned by the Västerås Music Society for the Chamber Orchestra’s Danish tour in May 1990.

March 2006