Swinee River /2005/ and other Pig Music

In 1986 I made a musical fairy-tale based on ”Älskade lilla gris” - Beloved little pig, a book by the Swedish author Ulf Nilsson. It was composed for narrator, electro-acoustic tape and slide projections and was performed hundreds of times in Swedish primary schools the following years. The electro-acoustic tape was to some extent composed of pig sounds that I had recorded in a farming friend's pigsty and they were brought together in the EMS Studios in Stockholm.

There was a “theme song” in the fairy-tale, called “För en älskad liten gris” - For a beloved little pig. Sven Kristersson who was the one-and-only narrator of the story sang it and the accompaniment was composed of sampled pigs and synthesizer sounds. In Sweden pigs have a mournful predetermined destiny as roast ham is a main course on the Christmas table. Thus, when composing the theme song I had Arianna's Lament “Lasciatemi morire” (Please, let me die) by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) ringing in my ears and it can easily be recognized in the opening bars.

Swinee River is based on left-overs from the pigsty recordings for Älskade lilla gris. It was composed and edited in Gothenburg an October morning in 2005 with the supreme assistance of Jerry Johansson in his studio.