Folke Rabe: Shazam for trumpet solo (1984)

In 1982 I wrote a virtuoso piece, Basta, for Christian Lindberg, the trombonist. Two years later The Swedish Concert Institute (Rikskonserter) commissioned a work with similar characteristics for the trumpet virtuoso Håkan Hardenberger. In a way Shazam became a counterpart to Basta.

The form is roughly the same: After the initial calls there is an up-tempo section followed by a slow middle part, that probably was influenced by the fact that Håkan mentioned his delight at some trumpet adagio somewhere in the works by Alban Berg. In the terminating stretta all the presented ideas are messed together in an orgy with constant and sudden changes.

Shazam is an invocation used by wizards performing a dramatic and possibly dangerous trick...

Folke Rabe